Team Building & RVET

Just wanted to say thanks for everything over the past week.

The instruction and range time is always excellent but all the "extra" stuff you and your family/team do really makes it a wonderful time.  Taking us out in the mountains on our day off was a truly unforgettable experience.

John (September 2015)

HET Thayne, WY

I wanted to thank you again for the great experience during the handgun course I just attended.  The instruction on the range was personal and on point.  The drills quickly identified the areas I need to work on and has helped make me a better shooter.  I truly enjoyed the range time but have to say, the time we spent in the loft was also excellent.  The food was exceptional and the time spent talking with students was priceless.  Thanks for all Costa Ludus does for law enforcement and I look forward to having you all come to our agency for more training.  I look forward to my next class in Wyoming and will be bringing my wife next time.


VET Thayne, WY

I wanted to give my review of the Costa Ludus VET class held in Wyoming in June 2015.  I had wanted to take a class that allowed me to start to shoot and move in and around "things" and people.  This class did all that and more, we started out working with empty weapons and by the time we were done with each section we were running 4 people (live fire) in the vehicle, working both pistols and rifles.  At the end of 3 days and a few thousand rounds you feel you have made progress and go home with lots of new ways to work and think.  Chris has a great saying which goes something like this...I am not a concerned with how you run the gun when all is going well, but how you run the gun when it’s not.....He is a great teacher, he shows you the proper way to do things, backs off lets you run it, comes back makes adjustments, compliments you when you get it, and is not afraid to get on you if you make a safety mistake.  AND just about the time you think you are mastering things, he turns up the heat, throws you a curve, gets in your ear, all to show you that you should never take things for granted and keep training and thinking, because there is always room for improvement. The above statement is true with every class I have taken with Costa Ludus.

So you know about me as a student...I am a 53 year old self employed guy, who could be in better shape.  I started taking classes a few years ago with the idea that i wanted to do some 3-gun competitions.  I realized i actually enjoyed taking classes, meeting other students, and seeing other shooting facilities ....it has become my hobby.  I am not ex-military or LEO just a normal guy who likes to shoot.  I can tell you that the military and LEO's that take Costa's classes are every bit a impressed as me  with the knowledge, the what, and the how Chris trains......Ha Ha I am not a ManFan or whatever other word the internet critics come up with who don't know and have not taken a class with Chris.  I have had other instructors, but my level of comfort and what i have gained with Costa Ludus is what keeps bring me back.  This was my 3rd class with Costa Ludus - HETI, ICET, and now the VET.  This is my second class in Wyoming, the Cabins at Cabin Creek are fantastic, the shooting facility is great and the Costa Ludus "loft"  with meals prepared onsite each night with time to relax and unwind,  is the perfect end to each day of training. 

Finally,  add everything above to the fact that the Costa family and extended family are such a great bunch of people.  Chris, his wife, his kids and his Dad, and Austin all there making sure we had a great time, we were safe, and that they really appreciated us being there.


For those cynics that will read this a say "no way, there has to be something wrong, nothing is that perfect" or "I got something for saying all this nice stuff"...... Wrong, hard work and passion for what you do will make good things happen.


ICET Thayne, WY

After 24 hours of driving I have made it back to Illinois, the drive time gave me lots of time to think of  all the upgrading I need to do! But it also gave me time to really appreciate the past few days with Costa Ludus.  It was nice to fill out the survey, but it really did not give enough space to really rate and comment on the whole experience of the class…..so here goes.

Cabin Creek Inn

I told my wife….this place is like a postcard!  It was perfect and outside of Costa Ludus building his own accommodations, I would not want to stay anywhere else.  I was a little apprehensive about getting a unknown roommate, but I  got the best pick of the bunch, Dr. S and I hit it off great and have already planned to do some more stuff together….including some of Costa Ludus classes.  Breakfast was just enough, and Lance and his family were so nice and helpful.

The Range and the Class

In a perfect world the drive would be less, but honestly I liked the drive in the morning and evening, it got me woke up in the morning and gave me time to wind down in the evening.  The shooting facility was great, I will take ICET again, just to be able to shoot the longer ranges on varied terrain…..I would be disappointed to take this class now on a flat range!  The suggestions for the range and the class are very short….if you continue to run the final evolution like we did, place spotting scopes at the 400 and 500 yard range.  Also on the mid to late second day on the long range allow a show and tell / gun exchange – so if you wanted to shoot someone else’s set up and or shoot or use one of the vendor’s products you could outside of a set evolution.  I found myself not wanting to ask another individual or one of the vendor to shoot their set ups, because I was to intent on getting my stuff ready for the next evolution.


At first I was not sure how they would mix in the class, but in the end they made the class even better.  Great guys very willing to help out individually, work setups, spot for everyone.  If they wonder if being themselves and representing their companies at the course pays off?…… I have switched back to Frog Lube after going away from it on bad advice,  I am contacting Will on how to purchase an upper, so I can get it stamped and then order a SBR upper from War Sport.  Finally I worked a deal with one of my buddies on my drive home to sell my LWRC M6 with Leupold HAMR 4 scope set up with that money I am getting a 18” LWRC REPR (Doc should be a rep for LWRC) and then getting a Vortex scope to top it off…….so yes the industry partners do benefit from being at these courses.

The Loft and Meals

Perfect – do not change any of this…..it is one of the main reasons I will return for the Wyoming classes.  All the food was great, I know it is a pain to deal with a variety of food vendors.  The portions were large, and delicious, the choices were great.  Outside of having you own “chef” this was a great option – it was nice to pick out your meal ahead of time and that you had it all labeled as to who ordered what on the counter….very well thought out!

Costa Ludus Staff

Everyone was so great, I know that none of this would work if it were not for a great team.  From calling “in route” to let me know that dinner plans had changed, filling orders on the spot, following up with email questions….with return emails and actual phone calls!  Most importantly just a genuine sincerity that you appreciate our business and that you are compassionate about what you do.  That all has to start at the top and work its way down, and that is very evident at Costa Ludus.


I have had two classes with Costa Ludus this year, prior to that I had taken another class with another instructor who just did not gel with me.  I will await the 2015 class schedule I plan to do the shotgun/ pistol combo class and either do ICET in Wyoming or Handgun 2 in Wyoming.  As is told Kristen early on this spring this  trip to Wyoming was my 33rd trip to the state…..it goes down as one of the best!


HET2 Thayne, WY

     I arrived late on Sunday having to take the late flight out from Florida due to working on sunday.  As Chris and his staff met everyone in the lobby of the Cabin Creek Inn (recommended lodging by Costa Ludus) Chris's staff noticed that I was going to be late and emailed me to let me know that if I was going to arrive after the cabin creek desk was closed that my key would be in a specified spot and that my kit (that i shipped out early - recommended) would be ready for me in the morning.  I was informed that they did a little school yard get together introduction that night in the lobby with everyone in the class so that we were all good friends before the first shot was fired.  I checked in late crashed from a long day of travel and woke in the morning ready to rock and roll.   All of the excitement was running through me so i was up showered and at breakfast (included in the lodging) early.  

    I met up with my friend Dave (Dave and I shoot out of the same club in florida (Altair Training Solutions)  He actually had my kit for me, from the night before and we linked up and got the car packed for the trip to the range.  I have to say it was nice to have a friend in class to travel to and from the range with.   We all caravan to and from the range.  It is about a 30 minute drive and full of wonderful vistas.  we traversed up the range road which is windy and up hill all the way.  I rented a Buick and didn't think it would make it up following all of the big lifted pickups and trucks but the road was fine and someone in the class had a smart car that made it up the road with no issue.  we unloaded at the range, which has a nice awning for some shade and weather protection.  Each student set up on a shooting station and got ready for each day.  

     I was a little nervous the first day, just flew across the country to get to this moment in time and the last thing i wanted to do was shoot like poop!  After the first shot, which we warmed up with some 5 foot marksmanship drills and I was in the X ring (barley) i felt better.   (its a strip club and i came here to work- thanks billy bob)  first half of day one we did a quick recap of HET1 to insure that Chris and Nick saw that we all were safe and knew how to shoot.  It was stated to us early on that this was not a marksmanship course, we were here to learn how to fight to the last breath.  "as long as you have breath in your lungs and a working hand you are "never out of the fight"" is what Chris told us he was here to teach us.  And teach us he did.  

      The course was a crawl walk run sprint style teaching.   After reviewing strong hand shooting and weak hand shooting we went step by step to learn new techniques and it seemed that one new technique rolled right into the next so that intuitively the learning curve sped up as we progressed through to day 3.  One new skill led us to another which was the same as the next from a different position which rolled into a new skill.   

       Never before this course did i think that i would be drawing my pistol with my weak hand from the holster set on my appendix. (most students carried outside the waistband on their weapon hand side.  I carry on my appendix in real life so i took the class from this carry position (which i would recommend to anyone taking this class.)) This is how i walk around in real life so i wanted to learn to fight from this holstered position.  I ran day one inside the waistband and day 2 and 3 outside the waistband in the same position.  but back to my point.   Never did i think that i would be drawing reaction hand from my holster while standing and do a chest roll (i thought a chest roll was something.   well never mind on that...  ) and firing reaction hand, or draw and do a leg pinch while kneeling reaction hand or a ground roll or a holster roll.  Point being i would never of thought about drawing reaction hand before this course and now i have a multitude of options in different positions if something were to happen to me like take a round in my right side and could not fight from that side.  (learning how to fight until i have no air left in my lungs)

      I am not going to give away everything that i learned in this course, you are going to have to take it for yourself.   I cannot say enough about what i learned and how much work i now have to do to become confident in the new skill sets that I have in my tool box.  I will say that I feel like if i was ever in a situation where any of my sew skills were necessary i believe that i would have at least seen it before and done it before, so that I would simply react to the situation and get it done.  Never out of the fight!

      After we were done on the range each day we drove back to the cabin creek, cleaned our gear and ourselves to get ready for dinner at the loft (dinner option from Costa Ludus highly recomended)  The Loft is where we would gather for dinner and story telling.  It is wonderful to be able to kick back with my classmates and the entire Costa Ludus crew.  Chris, Nick, and the entire staff are first class.  We would all grab dinner, that we pre-ordered through Costa Ludus (very good food) and sit and talk about anything and everything.  It is nice to be able to socialize with not just Chris, but his staff also.  

       By the time the last evolution was ready to go on the range we were all ready for anything he threw at us.  kneeling with out hands on our heads in a hostage position with our back to the targets (GUN is called) spin around while drawing reaction hand, holster roll, two to the body one to the pelvic girdle.  I was able to do chest rolls with confidence (read very slowly but with confidence) and acquire my sights and break the shot.  

Kit Recommendations:
load out says 2000 rounds, bring 2500   I had to undershoot some drills to make it.
bring knee pads.  not the little foam ones that i did, bring velcro hard shell knee pads.
yes i am a wuss, but trust me you will thank me for this bit of info.  
bring a back up pistol.  you are really working your gun so be prepared
water and lunch is provided on the range (as an option) but bring a water bottle,
you will need it.
gloves are optional but have them just in case.
conceal holster - this is what you will have on when and if something really happens so
train as you would fight.
an open mind and a note pad.  Chris will show you everything before he asks you to do it
and when its all over you are going to want to write it down so that you remember it.

     I came away from this course, tired, bruised (multiple black and blue spots on my legs and arms)
sore, and confident in my ability to defend myself, my family and loved ones until i had nothing left to fight with and even then you might wake up on the floor after being knocked out and have to fight your way out from this position which i would now have no hesitation that i could do.

     This is / was one of the best courses that i have ever taken.  I will admit i was scared going in not knowing what I was in for and having come out the other end bruised, tired, sore and beaten up.  I would do it all over again tomorrow just to pick up one more bit of information that i may have missed.  

      Costa Ludus crew took care of every logistical detail that needed to be taken care of.  I only had to reach into my pocket for beer money at night!  not only would i recommend this course, I would say that if you carry a gun on you at any point during your day or have one in the house for self defense you MUST take the time to take this course.  Not only will you learn new skills but you will learn that YES YOU CAN fight with air in your lungs and a working hand.

      Thank you again to the entire Costa Ludus crew for everything that provided and went out of your way to help with.  I fully understand that in small operations everyone wears multiple hats and i appreciate everything everyone did for each and every student in this class.  It was well worth the trip to Wyoming for the Premier Training.  Small class of 16, in a wonderful setting in Wyoming.  I did get lucky and the weather was absolutely perfect!

I now know that I am NEVER OUT OF THE FIGHT!!!!


HET1 Naples, FL

The training experience was exceptional. Pursuit of excellence is a virtue that Chris totally embodies.
He is both intense and direct in providing instruction, while finding ways to lighten things up with a great smile and sense of humor.He instills within you that skill acquisition is only part of the solution; mindset, devotion and clarity within the moment are principles which are essential to vanquishing the threat.

As this was my first time in a training class, safety was a great concern.  We all benefited from his attention and insistence upon safety first. I must admit that at times I was a direct recipient of his correction.  Never to forget this seriousness of purpose was a lasting reminder of his commitment to us, his students.  
In one's life only occasionally are we offered the opportunity to be students of a great teacher.   I have no doubt that Chris will remain true to his calling.


HET1 Naples, FL

I’ve been looking forward to this class for quite some time now and that moment has arrived. It’s like waiting for that U2 concert that is almost a year away, only wishing for that day to get here sooner. As the date was getting close, I remember spending the entire week prepping for Costa Ludus Handgun Employment Theory One.

Looking back, I remember when I bought my first handgun; I also bought the Magpul DVD based on a friend’s recommendation. So in the anticipation of class, I started to re-watch the Magpul DVD. But in reality, I couldn’t wait to at least start working with the beard man at some level to improve my skills.

But I will admit that during the course of a year, I was able to get training that did cover a lot of stuff I saw on the DVD. While those instructors were great to work with, I knew that at some point in my shooting career; I still need to go meet the beard man.

The beard man is none other than Chris Costa.

The training facility was once again at Altair. And I will have to say; I really enjoy going there for training. Everyone at that place are just too awesome. They’re not the typical gun club or some cheese ball resort; but rather the club is owned and operated by veterans. These folks are really the hidden gem within the Naples area for training.

When I finally made it to the center, we all sat in the classroom and introduced ourselves. Costa was wrapping himself up with Rock Tape, while I was grinning to myself knowing that I too am sporting my own kinesiology tape. At first glance, his slim athletic demeanor gave me this sense of awesomeness that was about to be dropped on us. Although I was really quite surprise that he wasn’t taller. Instead he and I are pretty much the same height, except I’m better looking.

As people were introducing themselves, I noted that my class was made up with a lot of diverse background and experience. We had one person getting into competitive shooting, a retired LEO, an active Sheriff and a few veterans. Others were shooting for quite awhile, others were repeat students, some were new to the world of shooting, and a young Marine recruit who will be leaving us in May.

We even had students flown in from Alaska and Minneapolis. Now, does that say something about the instructor when the students are willing to fly in from really afar for some personal training?

The first hour of the morning, we dedicated the classroom setting to the safety briefings before we headed out. But once we were on the range, we still went over the safety briefing. And he had no problem asking us to recite it whenever we’re doing a brief. He emphasized that if you respect the rules, others around you will do that same; especially if you are in your own home.

Costa asked us what we wanted to work on during the class. Everyone wanted accuracy and speed. I was thinking and muttering to myself something about flinching. I will say that my flinching comes and goes like a bad case herpes. Some days, I can knock it down good, other times; I’m shooting like a rookie discovering masturbation for the first time. Either way, the first half of the morning proved to be a challenge as I was really battling fatigue as well as my flinching.

I’m sure that having just 2 hours of sleep the night before might have made it difficult. But just when I was thinking that my gun might be giving me a problem, Costa had no problem proving me wrong with my own gun.

It wasn’t until after lunch, that I was starting to get my second wind and surprised some of the other students next to me. They were quite shocked that I was starting to knock it out.

During the 3 days on the range, we actually did follow the course outline that was laid out on the Costa Ludus website.

• Life Safety Brief
• Proper gear selection and placement
• 7 fundamentals (Accuracy Drills, Axis and Mechanics of Recoil)
• 3 Core Fundamentals
• Acceptable Accuracy Drills
• Balance of Speed and Accuracy
• Speed reloads / Tactical reloads
• Instinctive Shooting and Mindset Drills
• Malfunctions
• Weapon Hand and Reaction Hand shooting
• Movement Drills
• Improvised shooting positions

TIP: The recommend ammo count for class is 1800. Bring 2000 or more but be sure you break down your ammo into ammo cans prior to class. It’ll help save you time.

The class wasn’t just about just loading up, shooting the drills, and then kicking it back and talking guns. From what I got out of it are the little life lessons that somehow Chris would sprinkle in on each drill. I will say that Chris really emphasized a lot of his teachings based on his own personal experience.

If you listened closely, you can hear a lot of correlation being referenced between using a carbine and a pistol or even at times, his love for skydiving. And if you are really dialed in to his words, you can pick up some of the TTPs he mentioned. Looking back, Chris’s personal stories are very memorable. He also made it a point to illustrate each drill with a story or scenario as to why. However I find it really interesting that each scenario is about him and his kids, but never about his wife. (His explanation as to why was too funny!)

However, a lot of the stories that Costa shared are stories that drove home how important mindset is when training and especially self-defense. With that being said, Chris really had no problem in calling you out on your mistakes and then challenging you to correct yourself and while pushing your own skills further.

But I will admit that the motivation behind every drill is more than just doing it right. Rather doing it consistently correct!

Everything about each class began and ended with mindset. That’s what Chris Costa stressed as the most important attribute to have as a shooter and it resonated with me more each time I stepped off the range and decompressed after each full day. And at the end of the entire weekend, the Magpul DVD does not compare to the actual hands on training that Chris Costa offers.

As great of a shooter as he is, among his celebrity status, I was quite surprised how humble Chris is. More importantly how hilarious he can be at times. Of course when it came to safety and class time, he’s business. Yet Chris somehow makes the three day session entertaining, challenging, and interesting. And despite my skills sucking, Chris also took the time out to notice my improvements, until I suck again.

The moment that I received my certificate from Chris and the covenant coin, I was excited that I completed his course but yet starting to feel a little bummed out that it’s over. In way, it was like saying goodbye to an old friend you won’t see for a while. And additionally, while I may or may not see my fellow classmates again, I really did enjoy spending my weekend training with each of them.

But for now, it will be up to me to do my due diligence and practice what was taught to me over the weekend. After all, the next step from here will be HET2.

-Nick, Beyond The Trigger


HET1 Naples, FL

"We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence then, is not an act but a habit." Aristotle 350 BC

A professor in dental school me me write that down some 36years ago and I have tried to live my live accordingly eer since.  Having just finished up your HET1 course in Naples with my two sons I know you subscribe to the same though process.  In all my various courses, clinics, and camps, whatever they were on dentistry, tennis, golf, firearms, whatever - never have I met a more passionate instructor who truly wnats all his students to "get it", considering what is at stake.

After 9/11, I was asked to work for the office of the Cheif Medical Examiner of New York to do forensic body IDs based on any dentail remains.  I had a little training in the Air Forcein that area and was asked in by a dentist I know who was already stationed there.  We had to learn and learn quickly the comptuer program that had just been created for 9/11 & had to have the surgical skills to rest the jaws from the victums, radiograph the teeth & then use the computer program to match those radiographs to all the radio graphs that dentists aroudn the world were mailing to us.  The Cheif Meidcal Examiner gabe us one day at being able to grasp everytime.  he told us he didn't have time to "sit & blow sunshine up our ass!" Either you got it or you were gone.  I tell you that story to thank you for not blowing sunshine but guiding me to where the light was.  You treated everybody the same were generous with your time & knowledge, never making anybody feel like they had to go home. 

You will see my son Dan again in WY for your HET2 course and I am on a waiting list ofr your VET course in Ohio, which I hop to take with my other son, David, who lives in Columbus. 

Again, I think you for your dedication to teaching what could some day save a life (lives). 


Never Let Chris Borrow Your Gun

I was confused as the man who is commonly known as the beard, handed me his Salient Arms Glock 19. The gun looked like he found it at the bottom of the ocean sitting next to the Titanic. I’ve seen World War 2 era issued 1911s in better shape than the gun he has handing me.

I thought the Glock 19  was a one off until he handed me his Salient Arms Glock 17. I wanted to put holy water on it and pray for it, because it was in worse shape than the Salient Arms Glock 19. I was confused but a little turned on. Something about a faded slide on a Glock or HK that makes a gun feel special to me (Thank God this doesn’t translate to my taste in women). Even with my affinity for used and abused guns I was still confused by the state of these guns. After taking his Handgun Employment 2 class, i’ve concluded that Chris Costa is the Ike Turner of the gun world, because he beats the sh*t out of his guns.

It’s quite amazing to watch really. He slides the top frame of a Glock along solid rock like he’s trying to create sparks for a fire. He doesn’t stop there, he racks it off his holsters, his belt, his pants, his shoes anything that can get that gun up and running. I know the haters of Chris Costa are sucking their teeth pounding out a comment about how Chris Costa is a poser, operator wanna be, etc. For the record, he ran the course in a pair of jeans and t-shirt and he concealed carried for 60% of the course.

Keep in mind that he shoots the piss out the gun in his classes (He Ran Salient Arms Glocks 90% of the class). God forbid A students gun goes down, he lets the students shoot the damn the thing through the course. Keep in mind I shot over 2000 rounds in his course with his Salient Arms Glock 17 and he says at least one student will need to use his gun in just about every class he teaches. Go to CostaLudus.com and look at the number of classes he teaches and you do the math.

Here’s the thing, you may no like sliding your $4000 Wilson Combat (Actually, one guy did) on rocks, but you’ll walk away from the class knowing what your gun is made of. The abuse isn’t arbitrary. The crazy thing is, I don’t think he’s aware that he’s abusing the guns until its all said and done, the gun abuse is just a by product of a realistic curriculum.

So, if you love the pretty finish on your fancy 1911, Glock, Sig or HK, do yourself a favor, don’t let Chris Costa Borrow it, and don’t bring to one of his courses (At least not Handgun 2) because your gun will have battle scars, but I have to be honest, the scars really do build character.


-Mr. Colin Noir (18 Oct 13)

HE02 Gainesville, TX

Costa Ludus Handgun Employment Two: After The First Day Ramblings

It’s 9:10pm after the first day of the Costa Ludus Handgun Employment Two course and I am tired.  It’s a healthy tired, like you spent all day doing something really charitable and you’re happy with the exhaustion because it was for a good cause.

I love the Red River Firearm range. If any of you remember,  I took Travis Haley’s handgun one course at this range. It’s like an ocean of steel. The thirty minute drive from the hotel to the range is kind of annoying. I washed my truck before making the drive out, but that was a waste. After the first day, my truck looks like it drove through a rick james after party.

Damn we shot a lot of rounds. I really did not expect to shoot so much the first day, but it was a pleasant surprise. Do yourself a favor and buy an Maglula Uplula if you plan to take the course. Leave all that tough guy shit at home, because after the first day, my right thumb is numb due to all of the loading of my magazines without an uplula.

You will get dirty, your gun will get dirty. If you’re scared to ding up your gun, don’t bring it here because I literally watched Chris Costa use a ground covered in rocks to rack the slide of a Glock 17 with at least a few thousand dollars worth of modifications. Now, there is a two inch scrape along the top of the slide.

Costa is a funny SOB. Costa is the kind of guy who will crack a joke while giving a eulogy and you’ll laugh because it was that funny. He has the ability to make the concepts he teaches stick in your memory. He shoots quite a bit, but it’s for demonstrative purposes. Haley was like this also. Neither one of them were scared to shoot in front of their students.

I kept shooting low, so Costa came and shot my gun and confirmed that my sights were off. I shot his Glock 19 for a period of time and it was an experience. I will be sending my Glock 19 to Salient Arms.  I was not happy with my shooting today.    I need to tighten up on my fundamentals. I’ve spent a lot of time shooting rifles lately and have kind of neglected the handgun. My Bravo Concealment holster did a damn good job, it was a breeze getting my gun in and out of the holster. I’ve been running SportEar ear pro and I really like them(review coming soon). I did notice that the seal on my ear pro felt like it was breaking when I  was shooting from the prone position.

Speaking of prone, we spent a lot of time on the ground. I shot with my off hand more today than I have in my life. Damn, we did a lot of shooting today. *** Too Exhausted to Continue**

-Mr. Colin Noir (9 Oct 13)

SET Myakka, FL

I really enjoyed the course as well as learned a lot. By the end of the course I was able to manipulate my shotgun more efficiently even with stress added to it. Chris is a excellent instructor. I was having difficulty with one exercise and after the rest of the class stepped away, Chris pulled me aside went over it with me step by step and had me demonstrate the exercise. Thank you.

-Sean (09 July 13)

CE01 Nampa, ID

I just finished with the carbine 1 class in Nampa ID and first off let me say welcome to the west AKA the real America! I was blown away by the instruction. The mechanical aspect of it was top notch, I can always improve how efficiently I get the bullet from my magazine to the target, and I am more efficient now than before the class. What made the biggest impact on me was the pep talk/how and why portion of the class where Chris would talk to us about everything from ballistics to mind set between shooting evolution's.

My wife thinks I'm nuts when we are in public and I have her and my daughter walk on my left side and we sit in restaurants where we have a good view of the doors and customers. She has asked me if I expect to be attacked and I tell her that no I just expect to see trouble coming and get her and the kid to safety. The confidence that comes through a class like this is priceless. Chris has a gift for what he does and he does it very well. I would recommend a Costa Ludus class to anyone who carry's a gun either in the defense of old glory or in defense of their loved ones, they will come out a better shooter.

Thanks again,

-Tucker (20 May 13)

CE01 Garrettsville, OH

I'd like to express how satisfied I was with my experience was with CE01.  Although I was clearly among the lesser skilled shooters in the class, I left feeling MUCH more confident in my ability to maximize the effectiveness of the carbine as well as employ and maneuver with it in ways I never had before.  It has completely revitalized my desire to train with the weapon and hone the skills we were taught at the course.  And now when I say "train" it's much more than just sitting on a stool plinking away at a gun range somewhere.  Money well spent - HE01, and CE02 are in my future.  Be safe!

-Bobby (23 April 13)

CE01 Garrettsville, OH

I recently attended my second Costa Ludus course in Southington, Ohio, completing CE01.  Prior to that I completed HE01 last summer. As a health care professional (ER Physician), and a driven personality, I enjoyed the attitude and mindset that underlies each course.   Far beyond weapons manipulation/ skills, I truly appreciate  and respect the stresses on "real world" scenarios and decision making.  The drills are purposeful and evolve seamlessly throughout the 3 day course.  On a more personal note, it is wonderful to be around driven, like-minded individuals and the camaraderie cannot be overstated.  I look forward to enrolling in future courses (planning on HE02 in August).  The skills/ mindset/attitude will travel with me in life and most assuredly will aid me in all aspects of my personal and professional endeavors.

Thank you again.

-Brent (23 April 13)

CE01 TacStrike, WV

My Wife and I attended the Carbine CE01 in West Virginia during the month of April 2013. I cannot say enough. I believe 100% in my rights guaranteed by the Constitution. One of the greatest rights I have is to protect myself and my Family from any enemy that wishes to use deadly force against myself or them. My Wife and I have owned weapons for a long time. That being said, Ive always known, in the back of my mind, we lacked any real ability to deploy our weapons if needed, in a manner that would create the greatest chance for our survival and destroy the enemy. That is a scary thought and a horrible feeling. As a man, lacking the confidence, the knowledge, the know how, that one day may be needed, to protect myself, my Wife and Children, is crushing. In the end, if I fail at everything, I cannot fail at this. I started, about a year ago, researching weapons training, instructors, and different companies. This was my interview process. I purchased the Magpul video that you instructed with Travis in regards to the carbine and watched it many times. Lauren & I also started taking pistol lessons and practicing as much as possible. There was still something missing and identifying that something was difficult, after all, I am a rookie. Having never served in the Armed Forces of the United States or Law Enforcement, it has been difficult to find training that can teach both Lauren and I to run our weapon systems in a masterful way, for the fight. Then, along comes your training class n West Virginia. I picked you for specific reasons: 1)You have a Family of you own and the business is yours(husband and Wife) 2)Out of all the instructors I watched/interviewed on you tube and training DVD's, you were the most sincere in regards to your Clients and doing everything possible to help them obtain their goals 3)Your training was more than just standing in a range booth bulls eye shooting.

What I learned in just 3 days from your teaching, has changed my life. My confidence in my ability to do my job, as a man, a husband and a father is greater than ever before.I am "closer" with my weapon now! Oddly it has become a friend, so to speak!(sounds weird) My attitude and how I approach everyday situations has changed, for the better! I see things differently now. I have a new pair of glasses which I view life situations with. I am not cocky or arrogant, I am more humble and peaceful. I am more aware of people, places and things. I am not paranoid or afraid. My Wife is more confident and stronger in her person. My time at the range now, has so much more purpose and direction. I am not sure if anybody else has had this experience or shared it with you? The truth is, it doesn't matter. I came to your class room with a very serious mind; to develop skills I never had before. Honestly, I was fearful of failing, as was my Wife. I cannot thank you enough for what I have learned and I know this is just the beginning. I will be attending CE02 in Raleigh NC. My Wife and I will also be taking the CE01 again and the pistol training in the future.

Chris, I thank you and your Wife. Lauren and I own our business and that responsibility takes me away from my Family too much. Owning/operating a successful business is a major commitment and challenge. The hours of operation are 7 days a week 24 hours a day. Most people cannot understand that type of commitment, what it takes and the amount of stress endured. Thank you once again for who you are and what you do, be safe and we look forward to learning more from you in the future.

Jeff (28 March 13)

HE02 San Jose, CA

I took the San Jose HE02 class last month and it was an absolutely fantastic. Chris covered so much content that other people just don't teach. His combined delivery of instruction with a touch of humor kept the class focused three days straight.

I would recommend his classes to anybody looking for top notch firearms training.

-Jason  (13 March 12)

CE01 Garrettsville, OH

Just completed the CE01 course in Southington, Ohio and could not be more satisfied.  I wanted to first say thanks to Chris, Raven Holsters, Dale and all of the people responsible for the fantastic training.  The three day course was filled with close range and long range training that included both sunny and rainy weather.  The instruction was superb and "the Beard" made it worth every dollar spent.  From tips on  stance and shooting positions, to ballistics and weapons retention, Chris gives personal information and direction on how to manipulate the AR platform and  how to keep a warrior mindset in the fight.  Chris is a wealth of knowledge and presents it in a respectful way as an instructor.  The facility was excellent with distances out to 300 yards that included paper targets and steel targets with great scenery.  I would receommend this course and any other Costa course to shooters.  Looking forward to CE02 in November and wanted to again say thanks to our warriors and sheepdogs.  As a police officer in Ohio, I believe this training is superior and worth the cost and ammo.  

-Kris (23 April 12)

HE01 Gainesville, TX

I know this is a little late but I did want to leave some feedback from your HE01 class this past May in Gainesville, TX.  It was a fantastic experience and it was better than I hoped for.  I walked away with a ton of tools that I can continue to train myself with.  I appreciated your honest feedback and more importantly, your humility.  I also appreciated you eating diner with us.  It is a small thing but it does go a long way. Jason and Ken were both great guys and they have a great thing going in TX. I have read two of the books you have recommended, On Killing and On Combat.  They are very good books and very helpful for the mindset of a warrior.  The things I learned at your class with make me a better police officer and a protector of my family.  I am looking forward to training with you again.  Thank you and look forward to seeing you again.

-Joe (08 April 12)

HE01 Myakka, FL

I really enjoyed the course as well as learned a lot. By the end of the course I was able to manipulate my shotgun more efficiently even with stress added to it. Chris is a excellent instructor. I was having difficulty with one exercise and after the rest of the class stepped away, Chris pulled me aside went over it with me step by step and had me demonstrate the exercise. Thank you.

-Sean (15 Feb 12)