Tactical Drawings

Tactical Drawings

Artist Joonho 'JK' Kim, who is one of the leading tactical artists in the country, creates unique drawings that capture the unforgettable moments of law enforcement and military tactical units and memorializes them in its most iconic form in pencil drawings.

He was a former South Korean Army soldier. He now is a pastor of a Calvary Chapel in AZ, a volunteer chaplain for Pima County Sheriff's Dept., and Pima County Regional SWAT Team.

JK has done a lot of work for the NTOA (National Tactical Operator Association), state tactical officers’ associations, federal, state and local SWAT teams, military Special Operation units and individual operators.

Costa Ludus and Tactical Drawings have teamed up to offer a unique Costa Ludus hand drawn print featuring the signature of Chris Costa and the artist, Joonho "JK" Kim. The print will be available for purchase beginning April 17 at www.tacticaldrawings.com for $45. Costa Ludus is donating their half of the proceeds to the Stars and Stripes Foundation.

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