Battle Arms Development, Inc.

Battle Arms Development, Inc.

Good enough isn’t good enough. Conventional wisdom isn’t always wise. One size does not fit all. Battle Arms Development, Inc. (BAD) proves all three.

Our Ambidextrous Safety Selector, 45° “Short Throw” Ambidextrous Safety Selector, and Combat Ambidextrous Safety Selector are the finest AR safeties ever produced. Innovative, ergonomic, and reliable, BAD’s safeties are quickly becoming the standard by which other safeties are judged.

Company philosophy and practice:

Use the best materials and manufacturing methods
Employ American craftsmen and manufacture all products in the U.S.A.
Give attention to every detail
Build products for toughness and reliability
Ensure impeccable customer service and prompt shipping

Find out why, in three short years, Battle Arms Development, Inc. is poised to lead the industry in premium firearms components for the AR15/10, M14/M1A/M1 Garand, and precision bolt action rifles.

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Battle Arms Development, Inc. Spotlight Products

  • BAD-ASS-ST (short throw)
  • BAD-ASS, 90 Degree, Semi Auto
  • BAD-CASS-3P, M16
  • BAD-DBM (Remington Bottom Metal)