• Active Shooter Elements Theory (ASET)
  • Duration: 3 Days
  • Price: 795

Active Shooter Elements Theory Course Description

This course is designed to enhance a person’s ability and critical thinking to solve problems in a high stress environment. We dive deep into armed and unarmed approaches during scenario based training. This course is fast paced and has numerous force on force components.

Students must be prepared for force on force with the use of training weapons and a combative component.

Subjects Covered

  • Preparing the mind
  • Unarmed response
  • Armed responses
  • Low light conditions
  • Basic combatives
  • Use of Force continuum
  • 1-man cell tactics
  • 2-man cell tactics
  • Moving with family members
  • Rapid threat analysis and target acquisition

Equipment List

Simulation weapons and rounds will be provided for a rental fee by the course host/facility.

  • Students should bring everyday wear that they don’t mind having clothing getting hit (and/or clothing ripped or torn) with fx marking cartridges
  • Handheld lights
  • Favorite training knives (if student has them, not required.)
  • Note pad, and pen/pencil
  • Clothing suited to strenuous activity as well as being seasonally appropriate
  • Rain gear / cold weather gear (seasonal)
  • An open mind

Dates & Locations

  • Dallas, TX February 23 - February 25, 2018

Important Range Host Info

Trident Response Group – Course will be held at Trident Response Group located at 1319 Crampton Street Dallas, TX 75207

Contact: Mark Peters at 972.971.8033 Email: m.peters@tridentresponse.com

Range & Equipment Rental fee: $75/class to be paid direct to the host on the first day of class.

Sim Ammo Fee: $250/ student to be paid direct to the host on the first day of class.

Simulation equipment and ammo is provided by the host as part of the range and ammo fee listed above. Please contact the host for details.

Recommended Airport: Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL) (3.7 miles from the range)

Dallas Fort Worth Airport ((DFW) (16.8 miles from the range)