• High Risk Emergency Evacuation (HREE)

High Risk Emergency Evacuation Description (HREE)

This 3-day class provides basic concepts of clearance techniques in high risk situations confronted  in  home defense,  most common places of retail and business (restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, workplaces, etc.), emergency evacuation in high threat situations, and family rescue.  The focus is on one and two personnel movements.  Clearance topics include stealth entry, escape entry,  and dynamic movement. We dive deep into armed and unarmed approaches during scenario based training. This course is fast paced and has numerous force on force components.

This course can be shot with handgun only, or handgun and carbine.. student choice. See equipment list and additional fees below.

This course will accept registrations on first come basis. The course will be capped at 14 students.

Cost: $750-$765. Price will be shown in cart.

Subjects Covered

  • Preparing the mind
  • Armed responses
  • Low light conditions
  • Basic combatives
  • Use of Force continuum
  • Dynamic entries
  • Stealth entries
  • Escape entries
  • 1 & 2 man clearance problems
  • Moving with family members
  • Rapid threat analysis and target acquisition

Equipment List

Simulation weapons and rounds will be provided for a rental fee by the course host/facility. See additional fees below.

  • Students should bring everyday wear that they don’t mind having clothing getting hit (and/or clothing ripped or torn) with fx marking cartridges
  • Handheld lights
  • Favorite training knives (if student has them, not required.)
  • Note pad, and pen/pencil
  • Clothing suited to strenuous activity as well as being seasonally appropriate
  • Glock 17 holster and mag pouch
  • Student may bring their own carbine and rent a bolt carrier for your carbine
  • Bring gear realistic to your lifestyle and application of training

**Contact Costa Ludus for any course detail questions, email: customerservice@costaludus.com.

Additional Fees – To be paid by the student directly to the host facility

Facility Fees

To be paid direct to the facility on the first day of the course. $130 per student covering the 3-day course.

Training Weapon Fees

Glock 17 rental – $10/each per day

AR15 Bolt rental (to be used with student personal AR15) – $10/each per day

Ammunition Fees – Pay as you go, Plan on 90 rounds / day for daily course of fire

9mm box of 50 rounds – contact host for current pricing.

5.56 box of 30 rounds- contact host for current pricing.