• Lever Gun
  • Duration: 2-Days
  • Price: 650

Lever Gun Course Description

Lever Gun is designed to give the beginner, intermediate, or advanced shooter the proper Lever Gun fundamentals. Starting with mindset, the class focuses on the core foundation and fundamentals of the Lever Gun. We will focus on effectively balancing speed and accuracy with proper weapon manipulation, under dynamic stress.

Cost: $650.

Subjects Covered

  • Life Safety Brief
  • Proper gear selection and placement
  • Establishing a proper zero
  • 7 fundamentals of shooting
  • Proper Loading
  • Managing recoil
  • Lever manipulation for speed
  • Acceptable Accuracy Drills
  • Balance of Speed and Accuracy
  • Movement Drills
  • Improvised shooting positions

Equipment List

Students provide their own ammo: 500 rounds of lever gun minimum and 200 rounds of Handgun ammo minimum.  Multiple calibers may be used throughout this course.

Contact us to host a class.

Dates & Locations

  • Denison, TX November 1 - November 2, 2024


Important Range Host Info

North 40 Gun Club – Course will be held at 7555 Dripping Springs Rd Denison, TX

Mailing address: 3406 Dublin Rd Parker, TX 75002.

Host Contact: 214.566.5978

Email: info@north40gunclub.net

Range fee:  $40/student per 2-day course to be paid direct to the host before the beginning of the course

Meal: Please bring lunch with you. Various food options in Sherman, TX (7 miles, 14 minutes from range).

Recommended Lodging Areas: Holiday Inn Sherman, TX (8 miles, 15 minutes from range)

Recommended Airports:

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (77 miles from range)

Ammunition limitations: None.