UNIT Solutions

UNIT Solutions is a provider of non-lethal training systems for the military, law enforcement, private trainers and civilians. Our flagship product, the UNIT4 Training Rifle is a realistic, safe and affordable option to train for force-on-target, force-on-force, active shooters, use of force, basic marksmanship and weapons familiarization. The UNIT4 is a durable good manufactured by Lewis Machine & Tool from military grade materials and replicates an M4 in fit, form and function, but is classified by ATF as a non-firearm, meaning it doesn’t require an FFL or special shipping and transportation requirements. The UNIT4 fires non-marking, marking and blank TPAKs to satisfy a broad spectrum of training needs, and offers considerable cost savings on the projectiles when compared with other force-on-force training systems. https://unitsolutions.com