Ares Gear

Ares Gear

Since the release of the first Ares Gear belt in late 2007, we've made it a point to take care of our customers. That means providing quality products, with quality service, to quality people. Our products are the best available anywhere, we return communications within only a few minutes whenever possible, and our customers include local, state, and federal law enforcement, emergency medicine providers, enlisted and officers from every branch of the US military, and quite a few switched-on "Joe Citizens".

Since 2007, we've learned a little more about the industry, and the industry's learned a little more about us. Collaborations with companies like Raven Concealment, a dealer network with some of the biggest names in customer service...we're growing fast, but we're making sure never to do it at your expense. Wait times have dropped from ten weeks to four weeks over the last year, and they continue to drop even now (Winter 2011), in the heaviest time of the year for sales/deliveries. Buy an Ares Gear product from us or an authorized retailer, and we will take care of you and it forever. End of story.

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Ares Gear Spotlight Products

  • Enhanced Ranger belt
  • Ranger Belt
  • Ranger belt
  • Enhanced Ranger Belt, PALS
  • Cobra Rigger Belt