Critical Infrastructure Assault Description

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Military and LE only.

This is a 5 day advanced course designed around combat proven U.S. Military Special Operations techniques for room/building entry. This course is a fast-paced, hands-on, live fire course that focuses on dynamic entry and accurate, surgical shooting. This course will introduce the students to skills necessary for dynamic entries and provide training plans for sustainment.

Surgical shooting vetting available upon client request and is highly recommended to maintain high standards in your unit/department/agency.

This course includes live fire, react to contact drills, extensive use of Simunitions and realistic role players. This course can be tailored to the individual unit's mission requirements or experience level.

Subjects Covered

Topics thoroughly covered include:
  • Mission planning
  • Multiple breach
  • Movement to breach
  • Actions on breach
  • Mechanical breaching
  • 1 man to entire team clears
  • 4 man cell tactics
  • Proper entry techniques
  • Diversionary devices
  • Initiative-based tactics
  • Introduction to the "Immediate Threat" concept
  • Hasty assaults
  • Marshaling procedures
  • Multiple insertion platforms
  • Surreptitious entry techniques
  • NOD/PEQ assault operations
  • Downed shooter procedures for MIL and LEO
  • Large structures
  • LE active shooter assault operations
  • Live fire/flat range qualification courses

Recommended Equipment

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